Balancing the Gender Scale

Creating Agile Companies with Diverse Minds

Redesigning the gender diversity scales, on a global platform. 


Need: Reduce Costs in Volume Leadership Hiring.

When an organization needed long-term hiring solutions to balance a gender diversity gap in leadership, without hiring full-time staff, WK implemented a 3 phase, 3 year volume hiring initiative to transform the way the company viewed leadership hiring, while saving thousands per hire.


Global F500 Technology Services Organization



Extremely unbalanced gender diversity at the leadership level;

Organization-wide resistance to external leadership hiring;


Hiring Manager education of attracting passive candidates;

Lack of distinct leadership onboarding program.


Talent Bridge Model

Dedicated monthly flat fee, for specific “high hiring” phases of the project, over 3 years, intermittently start/stopped.


    • Increased gender diverse candidates presented from under 15% to 53%.

    • Client maintained ownership of all data and research for future pipeline needs.

    • Decreased Cost of Hire by over $7,000 from Phase 1 to the conclusion of Phase 3.

    • Candidates spent on average of 51 days in process.

    • On average, 4 candidates were interviewed for each role before hiring decision made.

    • Increased buy-in from 3 business units to 7 participating and increased roles open per year by 30%+.