Disrupting Healthcare

An Industry with Momentum


Putting a human face to transformation

The healthcare industry has been in an extreme state of transformation, calling upon new leaders to inject fresh perspective into a rapidly evolving environment. We challenged the status quo of the outdated hiring process.



Our client was in need of hiring an external CEO for a highly confidential, visible role within the industry, under strict timeline restraints. The organization also required an external firm to open the talent pool and fly under the radar while doing so, in order to minimize visibility.

They needed access to a talent pool that would bring them outside the traditional health plan profiles to infuse active transformation and drive change within not only the company, but as a push to move the industry forward.


Global F100 Healthcare Organization.


Strict timeline restrictions in place for an external CEO hire;

Required a high-profile search to be executed with minimal visibility;

Needed access to non-traditional talent, capable of driving change within the company and industry.



Retained Executive Search


Webber Kerr utilized a traditional retained search model for a very non-traditional leader. Applied to the search criteria, WK was able to confidentially scan the market place and direct industry contacts to begin quiet, yet rapid turn-around, to meet the plans end of year contract deadlines, of a diverse, outside of the box slate of candidates for review.

Narrowing down to a finalist and negotiation of a high-profile hire set to transform the organization and industry.