Growing a City

Lobbying for Corporate Headquarters

Assisting a municipality to attract a global company and boosting the local economy.


A growing city has been actively creating an environment for organizations to make it their home, but competing with nearby larger markets.

Our client was short-listed as a finalist city to be the location for a multinational F500’s headquarters. We helped create the case that talent existed and was attracted to the city.


Municipality, Southeast U.S.



Competing nearby markets offered a larger, metropolitan community.

Municipality needed to prove that cost and personal motivators existed to attract talent.

Municipality lacked data and research pertaining to the commutable talent pool within its proximity.



Consultation and market research.



    Webber Kerr met with city officials to assess the municipalities' position in comparison to other cities lobbying for the F500’s headquarters. A comprehensive market talent assessment was conducted by talent mapping the workforce from local universities and progression through their careers.

    Employee cost of living comparisons, attractive local amenities, work preferences and motivators & pressures were compared in a report that was leveraged by the city to build their case. Findings concluded that the city offered a high quality of life and favorable cost of living, with an accessible talent pool.