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We know not every leadership need is black and white. We thrive in the gray area.

The ability to both understand and predict the future needs of your business with clarity and effectively foresee challenges ahead is built on a foundation of extensive and sound research programs and experienced leadership consulting. With years of executive placement and hiring experience, we have encountered many scenarios that require the ability to think outside the obvious, redesign business models and develop a plan that supports your organization's unique challenges. 

For the need of an injection of new business innovation, cultural diversity, corporate turn-around, domain expertise or commercial intelligence, we are constantly researching and networking with executives to understand the leadership challenges they face and building non-traditional offerings to meet these distinctive needs.



Achieve sustainable, long-term change while understanding how your internal teams rank against the external marketplace. Identify your future leaders.


The power of cultural diversity hiring is an appraisal directly tied to the value of your business. To best speak to your audience, ensuring your internal leadership reflects the cultural, gender and geographical diversity of the markets you are present in is a ripple effect to all layers in your organization.


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Not every talent need is directly tied to the hiring process. Providing a solution through strategic consulting can span many facets of potential research projects. In numerous scenarios, developing a deep understanding of a niche candidate pool through trending data will paint the picture and pave the path to an optimal outcome for your business. WK offers customized research initiatives molded to your unique business strategy. Whether you are talent benching, making acquisitions, expanding into new markets or launching new products, WK can help with the people side of things.