Executive search methodology.

Through our executive search process, WK leverages a network of global executive relationships that have been established over a decade across our four  functional areas.


Our process in its simplest form begins with intake & assessment, an exchange amongst our team and yours to collaborate and ultimately find comfort in an approach to our search partnership. Ask us anything.



Thoroughly conducted research is the basis and initial phase of our engagements. We pride ourselves on acquiring accurate, complete and timely data by investing in best in class support and research tools to ensure we cover all basis.



During our engagement process is where our reputation, individual networks, database and recruitment and research tools all come together.  We believe in a soft approach to engaging executives, thoughtful and informative. 


Candidate Vetting and Shortlisting

In proceeding with candidate vetting & shortlisting, we leave no rock unturned by including our professional opinions, thorough references, psychological and personality assessment tools and research, all leading to risk adverse decision-making. 


Negotiations & Onboarding

We support offer negotiations & onboarding, where honesty and transparency our vital to a long-term relationship.