For organizations that forecast "waves" of hiring, or need to supplement in times of flux.

Created in a down economy, today the executive talent bridge is a preferred month-by-month dedicated solution, designed as an extension to both accommodate and supplement your current in-house infrastructure.


Organizations that have the framework to “run with the process” but need help in attracting leadership talent, benefit greatly in this scenario. By controlling your spend, level of support, timeframe and hiring outcomes, the Talent Bridge exists to bridge the gaps in executive talent hiring and “hurry-up” situations. 

The benefits are simple:

A monthly flat fee for dedicated support (executive search extension) to manage up to five interchangeable searches at any given time.
Dictate which searches are assigned, gain the ability and “control” to interchange searches based upon progress and needs. Ramp-up, down or pause support as needed.
The period to receive candidates is drastically reduced. Imagine getting the talent you need as candidates are vetted and ready for client engagement. No waiting for short-lists.
Have your WK partner focus on attracting talent/information, rather than paying a retainer to wait on a short-list and then manage the interview process.
Market intelligence and metrics provide competitive advantage and lead to future hiring decisions. The data we collect is customized on the front-end and delivered weekly.
Typical savings of 50% or more in search fees.

Talent Bridge in action: 

Redesigning the gender cultural diversity scale

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